2nd General Assembly and Plenary Meeting held on 25 November 2014 in UIC Headquarters

Entering its second year, the project has already produced significant achievements and, through a roadmap and a vision, set up a firm basis for future developments towards the railway of 2050.

Chaired by its Coordinator Laurent Schmitt (UIC), the meeting was therefore shared between a General Assembly and a plenary session.

Pierre-Etienne Gautier for Infrastructure, Tomas Arvidsson for "Freight", Meena Dasigi for “Capacity and Operation”, Burchard Ripke for “Advanced Monitoring” and “Migration” successively took the floor to highlight the main technical achievements and the forecoming developments of their respective sub-projects.

C4R Partner representatives attending the 2nd General Assembly and Plenary Meeting, UIC HQ, Paris, 25 Nov. 2014

Taking stock of the work done, the meeting also listed the forthcoming tasks, and highlighted those that need to be finalised soon to meet the European Commission’s requirements.

Concluding a very positive meeting, the Coordinator stated that the project is now entering a period where interaction and communication between the partners will be crucial to progress towards the common 2050 vision in a complex system approach.

Submitted deliverables approved by the EU Commission will be available online in the Public Reports section.