Capacity4Rail 2nd Dissemination workshop, Brussels, 3 November 2016

To be held on 3 November 2016, the second dissemination workshop will be the opportunity to promote the project’s achievements at 36 months of activity.

At this stage, most of the work on innovation development will be completed and the project will enter the demonstration and assessment phase.

Workshop highlights:
• The new slab track concepts
• The new concepts for high speed
• The materials and monitoring for innovative Switches and Crossings
• Innovative wagons for freight
• Optimisation of terminal operations
• Ubiquitous data for railway operations
• Innovative sensors and monitoring strategies
• Multicriteria assessment strategy
• Recommendations to achieve the project’s vision for the Railway System of 2050…

Ample time will be reserved for discussion and exchange with the project partners.

Programme and useful information

Capacity4Rail - 2nd Dissemination Workshop Draft Agenda

- PDF - 568.8 kb

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Adress of the venue:
Maison Grand Place
19 Grand Place
B-1000 Brussels


Online Registration
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CapacityRail - Project overview

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Update on Modular integrated design of new concepts for infrastructure

- PDF - 378.3 kb

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Update on Track for very high speed

- PDF - 7.6 Mb

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Innovative concepts and designs for resilient S&Cs

- PDF - 2.2 Mb

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SP2 New Concepts for Efficient Freight systems - WP2.2 Novel Rail Freight vehicles

- PDF - 339.5 kb

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SP2 New Concepts for Efficient Freight systems - WP2.3 Co-modal Transhipment and Interchange Logistics

- PDF - 2.3 Mb

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Catalogue of Specification for Future Rail Freight

- PDF - 423 kb

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Operations for Enhanced Capacity: An overview

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Simulation and models - Demonstrator optimized timetabling

- PDF - 1.3 Mb

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Update on the work of SP4 Advanced Monitoring

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Update on System assessment and migration

- PDF - 3.7 Mb

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